JONGman 2.x Highlight Features

Since JONGman 1.0 was released to the community for a few years ago, many features were requested and reccommended by our supporters. However, with a limited resources, these are main features that will be included in JONGman 2.x. This is our intended to do.
  • Time slots are not fixed to the same size for each schedule e.g. they can be 08:00-09:00, 09:00-12:00 .etc
  • Reservation display in week style calendar.
  • Reservation attributes are customizable.
  • Payment support for resource reservation.
  • Quota limit per resource(s) or schedule for each user, user groups during a day, week or month can be defined.
  • Privacy mode can be turn on, only busy block will be shown on reservation calendar.
  • One user can make reservation for others, very useful for Intranet usage. This is proxy reservation however, can be turn off.
  • Reservation can be placed on multiple resources at once.

JONGman 2.0 Release Notes

JONGman 2.0 is a native Joomla! 2.5 component, it is MVC based on Joomla! approach as well as fully Joomla! ACL support. In the first stage of development we will bring back all features found in JONGman 1.5, later we will introduce more enhanced features such as custom fileds for reservation, payment support and approval workflow etc.

JONGman 2.0 Alpha 7

  • Add reservation validation using server side and client side rules. These rules are not complete.
  • Add quota management to backend
  • Reservation can be made but validation is not 100% complete.
  • Add quick jump date, top navigation.
  • Add more component parameters to control looks and feels for schedule calendar.

JONGman 2.0 Alpha 2

  • Fixed database error on reservation list view (please remove existing tables and re-install component)

JONGman 2.0 Alpha 1

  • Fully MVC based Joomla! 2.5 component
  • Native ACL support.
  • Calendar Navitgation can be override in template.
  • JForm used for form processing.


PFsettings - Automatic ProjectFork Settings

PFsetting is Joomla! package comprises 2 plugins that work with ProjectFork. ProjectFork is a project management system for Joomla 2.5/3.x. With PFsettings you can set default project for users, if they have permission to more than one project. When they login to site, the default project will be automatically set for user.

In the future many more features will be added to the package.

How to use it

Install the package as normal Joomla! extension, then enable the two plugins, the first one is in system group and the second one is in user group. Go to user manager, select user to edit and look for ProjectFork Settings. There, you can set them default project.

Plugin #1: User - User Project Profile

Plugin #2: System - Force Automatic ProjectFork Settings


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