JONGman 2.x Highlight Features

Since JONGman 1.0 was released to the community for a few years ago, many features were requested and reccommended by our supporters. However, with a limited resources, these are main features that will be included in JONGman 2.x. This is our intended to do.
  • Time slots are not fixed to the same size for each schedule e.g. they can be 08:00-09:00, 09:00-12:00 .etc
  • Reservation display in week style calendar.
  • Reservation attributes are customizable.
  • Payment support for resource reservation.
  • Quota limit per resource(s) or schedule for each user, user groups during a day, week or month can be defined.
  • Privacy mode can be turn on, only busy block will be shown on reservation calendar.
  • One user can make reservation for others, very useful for Intranet usage. This is proxy reservation however, can be turn off.
  • Reservation can be placed on multiple resources at once.
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